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Improving Employee Engagement at Workplace in 2022

Jan 18, 2022
The pace of digital change has accelerated in the last year across all industries. With this change came the realization that a company's workforce is core to its survival. As a result, businesses have had to rethink recruiting, retaining, and managing their employees.  It's no secret t...

Do Leaders need to have a Leadership Voice

Jul 31, 2021
We all have a signature voice. Do leaders have anything different? Voice has two meanings. It is the sound produced in a person’s larynx and delivered through the mouth with resonance of the vocal cords. It is also an expression of opinion.  Both define us.  Sounds Individuals produce...

Mistakes Freshers make when Starting their Careers

Jul 27, 2021
It is an ever-changing world full of conventional and unconventional methods of working. While it becomes important to keep up, one needs to ensure that they do not miss the basics while they are at it. Here are some of the mistakes that one can easily avoid when kickstarting their career.  ...

Discovering Your Personal Brand

Jun 09, 2021
Who are you and what is it that you do for the community? Are you the change you wish to see in the world? When you have the answer to these questions, that is when you know what your brand is. The task does not seem easy, and it isn’t. We live in a world of seven billion people, and you need to ...

Restart. Adapt. Rise

Mar 10, 2021
International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Here at EdMyst, we could not have been more elated to host an event in lieu of the same on March 8, 2021. Career breaks can be hard and getting back to the workspace is a...

Importance of Grooming

Oct 28, 2020
Documents? Check! Hygiene? First impressions last forever! Positive ones open many doors. A candidate’s appearance is the first noticeable attribute in an interview – whether it's an online interview or in-person. Our attire underlines our personality the moment we engage with an ...

Job Insecurity to Skill Security

Sep 27, 2020
"1.89 crores salaried Indians lost jobs since April, with 50 lakh only in July" - Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Were you one of them? Are you that Graduate who is anxious about prospects of finding employment? Everything stands still to the fate of a pandemic, which has gripped the...

It is not a rat race, it is a mind race. Know what not to say in an interview!

Sep 16, 2020
Misspeaking is likely to have grave consequences, and interviews are not a great place to cause mess ups. It is not a one-way street! It is an opportunity for people to explore the idea of working together. Think of the process as vetting a partnership! It is hard to make a persuasive case fo...

Grades make you a better professional or more employable?

Sep 03, 2020
No, No and No! Your marks certainly make you a temporary eye-candy, but your skills take you forward. Does your IIT degree or first division make you a good professional? Or do they make you more employable? Are you resilient, pragmatic and empathetic in your approach when dealing with a prob...