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through personalized and contextualized coaching

Our Enterprise Clients

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Solutions for Enterprises

We deliver customized talent transformation solutions for


Coaching interventions are focused on change leadership, people engagement, effective communication and mindfulness.

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Performance, Engagement,
and Retention

Holistic program improves achievement orientation, critical thinking, learning agility, ownership and leadership skills.

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Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

We create a higher awareness of subconscious biases, how to break down sterotypes and barriers to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Our coaching programs emphasize on one’s emotional triggers, improving resilience, and coping with uncertainty in addition to other stressors.

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Outcomes We Drive

Reinforce decision making, communication, collaboration, conflict, and management skills
Higher Retention and Performance
Enhance behavioural skills for higher individual and team performance including retention
Identify and remove subconscious biases, and barriers to diversity and inclusion
Improve self-awareness to recognize and address stressors, build acceptance and elevate mindfulness

Our Approach


Specific needs

Collaborate with leadership teams to identify and analyze specific talent-related gaps and pain areas


targeted solutions

Use behavioral science and existing insights to create customized solutions for prioritized gaps


measured outcomes

Align experienced EdMyst Coaches that best fit the organization's needs to deliver targeted solutions


Long-term impact

Facilitate leaders to be coaches and reinforce continuous improvement capability as a part of the learning culture

Coaching at Workplace

People who received coaching reported increased self-confidence
Employees benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and effective communication skills
Companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching

EdMyst Advantages

Coaches with industry experience

Our coaches come with an average 20+ years of industry experience and coaching certifications from leading institutions

They undergo a stringent qualification process to ensure differentiated experience for our clients

Personalized solutions

Each individual and each organization are unique; so are their gaps and growth aspirations. Off-the-shelf approach does not work... period   

Our solutions are customized to an organization’s objectives and hyper-personalized to each individual’s needs   


Our behavioral science–backed coaching frameworks are built with a focus on driving return on talent investment

The coaching interventions are guaranteed to deliver positive change for individuals and increased performance for the enterprise


Our technology and unique coaching frameworks
allow us to scale our talent solutions   

Whether you are a startup or a large organization,
we have the capability and capacity for your existing and future needs   


Our Coaches


Years of cumulative experience

Companies they have worked at

Continents they come from

What Our Customers Say

Vikram AhujaFounder and CEO, Talent500

EdMyst was an invaluable partner for TakeTwo, a career accelerator for women returning back to work launched by Talent500. Aparna and the team from EdMyst coached the batch on personal and professional development, and helped the batch represent the best version of themselves. EdMyst's team of coaches bring a strong focus on practical advice and mentoring from personal experience. I'm confident of their ability to add value to professionals across multiple skill sets and experience levels.

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