We are a global talent growth accelerator. We connect professionals and students who are entering the workforce with the ‘best-in-the-industry’ coaches and mentors for personalized coaching.

Our vision is to help each professional maximize its potential and achieve its professional ambition.

Why We're Different

We understand each individual is different, with unique aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and a unique story. At EdMyst, our coaching solutions are customized to each individual’s specific profile and requirements. 

Further, our coaches come from diverse backgrounds from across the globe. So, there is always the ‘right’ coach for each individual.

How It Works
Coach signs up on EdMyst
EdMyst evaluates and qualifies coach
EdMyst aligns with coach on delivery
Coach sets up profile details and availability
Student searches for coach/mentor
EdMyst publishes search results
Student selects a coach, books sessions
Coach completes online coaching sessions
EdMyst regularly settles payments with coach
Student provides feedback and rating
Personalized coaching from the comfort of your home as per your availability
Each session with an EdMyst coach is personalized to the coachee’s specific needs. You select a coach and book session as per your availability. Further, all sessions happen through video-conferencing, from the comfort of your home. - learning happens best when the stress travelling is minimized!
Access the best coaches from across the globe
We select and partner with coaches and mentors who are extremely passionate about mentoring/coaching, and come with a strong pedigree and experience. We currently have coaches from across 3 different continents. Careers and ambitions are not limited by geography, so why should your coach or mentor be?
You get what you see
We qualify and onboard coaches after a fairly stringent process. Further, with detailed information about each coach, transparent pricing, and a customer support team available at your disposal, we strive to make every effort to ensure you gain the most out of your experience with us. If you still are unhappy about something, just drop us a note at support@edmyst.com
Embark on a lifelong journey of learning and self-exploration
At the end of your session(s), we provide you recording of all your sessions and a report card with specific actions to ensure lifelong learning
Earning potential
Earn additional income while continuing to do what you love. You do not need to invest in marketing or technology.
Elevate Your Brand
If you’re good at coaching/mentoring, we will ensure to spread the word through our platform and marketing channels to users globally
Wonderful Community
Be a part of a large coaching community, make friends and learn from each other. Connect with students from all over the world and create heart-warming learning stories
Find Purpose
Contribute to someone's development by sharing expert knowledge and experience - share happiness!
Larger Market
If you’re already a coach, we can help you reach out to a much larger audience globally
Have a question?

Have a question? Shoot us a message and we will be happy to help you!