Sep 27, 2020

Job Insecurity to Skill Security

"1.89 crores salaried Indians lost jobs since April, with 50 lakh only in July" - Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy.

Were you one of them?

Are you that Graduate who is anxious about prospects of finding employment?

Everything stands still to the fate of a pandemic, which has gripped the entire world. While some were better prepared, some bewildered initially but eventually tackled it and few surrendered to the situation

The result of all this? Businesses are suffering, owners are panicking, major job security concerns by employees and students are anxious.

2020 is the year that brought a revolution in the way we operate, think and live. So has the process of hiring and doing business. If you are one who got fired due to cost-cutting measures or is a student who is worried about prospects of finding employment, then use this time wisely. Exclusivity will sell.

Your peers are working on these specific areas and will be competing with you on your next opportunity.

1. Skill knowledge

Identify what you are great at. It is the best time to introspect. A biology student might find better opportunities in reading, writing, and blogging, while an English graduate might find them in reporting. Likewise, a five-year experienced designer may end up prepping that perfect dish or a good product manager might become a good salesperson. Be flexible - what might seem great, might be the tip of an iceberg.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses

People often compare themselves with others based on their strengths and weaknesses. It only provides a false sense of security. You really do not know who you are competing with in the real world. Rather than focusing on others, it is better to introspect. You could be the one with the ability to impress people in the first meeting, or you could be the one with analytical mindset to find quick solutions to complex problems. Find something that comes very naturally to you. Likewise, it is equally important to know your weaknesses (professional and social skills) as they hold you back from achieving success.

Know them and work on them.

You will be better able to narrow down specific job scopes and career options.

3. Focus on personal development skills

Employers are becoming even more very picky in their recruitment. Leaving a strong first impression leaves an ever-lasting impression. Entering the job market is the first step. Your self-improvement and personality development efforts will  help you ace job interviews. It will take more than your grades or being confident. Empathy and good listening skills are critical for effective communication. Explore your deeper personality traits to understand how and why you react to different situations. Reflection will help you balance the extremes and position you better as a more rounded personality that recruiters care for.


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