About the Program

Women face unique challenges in the workplace, but they also add unique value and perspective. They shatter groupthink, improve communications dynamics, and reinvigorate companies in ways that make them more competitive. This Women’s Leadership program will help you understand why and, more importantly, how you can make a difference. It’s a research-driven, career-changing experience that will not only transform the way you negotiate and manage teams but fundamentally change the way you and your women leaders lead.

This program will motivate your employees and celebrate your deserving women leaders. It will nurture your female employees into future-ready leaders, capable of steering through the uncertainties and biases.


Thank you Holly and EdMyst for a wonderful course structure! I enjoyed learning and sharing experiences with other empowered women during these sessions. Not only did I discover so much about myself and my work ethic, but I also understood how to imbibe the qualities of a great leader through our insightful discussions. I will absolutely recommend this course to my peers.

Malika Seth, Sephora

This program was engaging and insightful. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to learn more about their leadership style and what it takes to be a well-rounded, motivational leader in your organization.

Jordan Greiner, R1 RCM

Why attend this program?

To overcome the most common workplace challenges, strengthening your careers and help your organization thrive

To help break through barriers and become equipped and empowered to be respected and emerge as effective leaders

To develop critical skills, increase visibility among senior leaders, and prepare for leadership roles


Intimate Learning Experience

A small group ensuring an intimate and immersive learning experience.


Bond with Leaders

You learn in a company of like-minded leaders & form a community and network that lasts forever.


Beyond Leadership

Experiential exercises and paired peer coaching to ensure you enhance skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and empathy.


Access Beyond the Program

Access to session recordings and content for 12 months after the end of the program.

Program Schedule

All sessions will be conducted online

Week 01

  • Topic :Navigating through the biases
  • About the Session : Learn how to recognize when there's gender bias at play and when there isn't, and how to address any issues that arise

Week 03

  • Topic : Using Emotional Intelligence to Drive Results
  • About the Session : Develop your emotional intelligence and learn how to use it to your advantage to manage teams to a greater success

Week 05

  • Topic : Negotiation Skills
  • About the Session : Transform the way you negotiate and manage teams, and fundamentally change the way you lead

Week 07

  • Topic : Values and Choices
  • About the Session : Making choices in life based on what we value. This module explores what each of us value and how to make decisions based on those individual values

Week 02-08

  • Topic : One-on-one coaching
  • About the Session : Based on individual’s needs and goals
  • Date & Time : To be mutually decided by the coach and coachee


  • Format : Cohort-based
  • Session : Foundations for Building the Leadership Voice
  • Coach : Vijay Vikram Singh
  • About the Session :Become aware about the anatomy of your voice and learn breathing exercises to master it

Week 02

  • Format : Cohort-based
  • Session : Voice modulation, accent and diction
  • Coach : Vijay Vikram Singh
  • About the Session : Learn the key aspects of voice modulation, voice projection, science of sound, and phonetics

Week 03

  • Format : Cohort-based
  • Session : Speak Confidently
  • Coach : Vijay Vikram Singh
  • About the Session : Learn exercises to develop clarity of speech, practical aspects of vocal exercises, and master your voice registers

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Improved communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills
  • Improved resilience
  • Enhanced workplace productivity
  • Increased capability for higher up responsibilities and management positions
  • A network to cherish and fallback upon for life




  • 4 group-based coaching sessions
  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Exercises and assignments
  • Access to session recordings
  • Max group size – 15
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